Baby Doge’s Price Prediction: Will It Go Up?

Baby Doge's Price Prediction: Will It Go Up?

As Baby Doge is still a crypto newborn, there’s little performance data about it. It’s worth noting, however, that its model, Dogecoin, has seen lifetime gains of 45,000 percent. Also, if you had invested in Baby Doge a day ago, you’d have nearly doubled your money by now. An investment in Dogecoin over the same period would have returned a minimal 8 percent.

As Dogecoin’s popularity grows, many businesses have been excited to accept it as a payment, further bolstering the crypto’s value. Also, DOGE has benefited from growing support by exchanges and brokers, including Robinhood and eToro. If the community that has fueled Dogecoin fully throws its weight behind Baby Doge, there’s a chance Baby Doge could be a good investment.

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