Everything You Need To Know About ELON Coin — Hometown Station | KHTS FM 98.1 & AM 1220 — Santa Clarita Radio

Everything You Need To Know About ELON Coin — Hometown Station | KHTS FM 98.1 & AM 1220 — Santa Clarita Radio

There is indeed a growing craze for cryptocurrency investments in https://bit-iq.io. With more than a decade of experience in the investment market, cryptocurrencies have been able to create their mark and presence in the currency market. Today, there are more than 3000+ cryptocurrencies in the investment market. The total market capitalization of cryptocurrency has increased by more than $2 trillion. This is incredible growth for a currency with no background. Other than crypto investments, there is also a growing craze to leverage the technology behind these currencies. For example, there are many companies, both small and medium scale today coming up with products and services build on blockchain technology.

Despite the increasing interest, there is still some confusion and hesitance in people’s minds to invest in cryptocurrencies. Not all market players have the same advantage as that Bitcoin or Ethereum. Small market players that do not have a proper roadmap or scalable platform still find it hard to attract investors. 

In addition to the popular market players, another cryptocurrency that is gaining attention in the global market is Dogelon Mars (ELON).

What is ELON?

Dogelon or simply named ELON has been in the limelight for the past few months. This is because of the promising price and returns that this currency offers. ELON was first listed in the popular crypto exchange UNISWAP in April 2021. Since then the volume and returns of this investment model have been growing. Additionally, the currency has provided a handful of returns to its investors as well. 

How did ELON distribute its coins?

ELON also followed in similar footsteps to that of another popular crypto – Shiba Inu. The developers had transferred more than half the volume of their token to the founder of Ethereum. The overall transfer of this volume amounts to more than 500 trillion. Additionally, the developers have also permanently locked the coins in Uniswap. The catch here is the fact that if the Ethereum founder decides to sell the token then the price of ELON can drop drastically. 

How does ELON gain trust?

This is an interesting scenario. If you are a victim of any scam or phishing attempts then ELON finds ways to airdrop these tokens to your wallet. This is an interesting way in which ELON has been gaining trust and confidence amongst other market players in the global market. 

How does ELON connect with its users?

Considering the volume of investments and popularity, ELON developers have always made it a point to keep their website updated. The official page is always live with real-time data. The developers have also promi

sed additional developments including currency that is interplanetary. 

Another popular reason why this coin has gained popularity is because of the recent Twitter trend. Dogelon seems like a combination of Elon Musk and Dogecoin. This popular trend gave another reason for the rising investment in Dogelon in the past few months. 

Price of Dogelon including market cap

Today, an investor can purchase Dogelon at a market price of $0.00000007 per coin. Daily, this particular crypto is trading at $5124K. The overall market capitalization of Dogelon today stands a $400 million and the market is expanding. In the global market, Dogelon has taken a safe market position ranking at 127th position. Like many other cryptos, the total supply of Dogelon is already fixed. 

Will Dogelon reach $0.1 anytime soon?

Considering the current market price of Dogelon, it is difficult for this crypto to attain this price. The price hike and dips depend on the overall production and development capabilities of the team. The transaction fees additionally tagged with Ethereum is another barrier that may hinder the price hikes. 

How to buy ELON?

The best and a comfortable platform to buy ELON is Uniswap. An investor needs to have Ether to use Uniswap and also an Ethereum wallet. The wallet allows users to easily connect with the Uniswap wallet. Additionally, if you do not have an Ethereum wallet, then you can buy ELON directly from the crypto.com website. 

Is it good to invest in ELON?

As per current market studies and performance metrics, ELON may be considered for investment. While this currency may not be popular like other cryptos, this has got promising growth in the coming years.

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